ETS and its subsidiaries have been creating profitable recycling and trading solutions together with its customers for over 35 years. The goal is always to optimize our thinking and refine as much material as possible through sorting, processing, and efficient logistics.

We are used to thinking across borders delivering valuable assets and innovative solutions making our clients and customers stay in profit.

We Love Recycling

ETS has all the licenses to disassembly all sorts of vehicles into parts for further use of it in a new vehicle or if that is not possible to refine it into new tradable assets.

ETS has the capability to handle more than 200.000 cars, SUV’s, Smaller trucks etc. etc. on a yearly basis in our facilities in Germany giving the solution for a swift and secure solution.

With our technology, we can recycle all those parts that can be used again and traded back into the market. We can offer single units or larger batches of spare parts.

One of the pillars of which is ETS foundation is our logistic thinking and approach. We believe all our assets should be highly tradable and traceable giving all our users of the ETS Terminal ample and real-time data to follow all aspect of trading with ETS.