ETS and its subsidiaries have been creating profitable recycling and trade solutions together with its customers for over 35 years. The goal is always to optimize our thinking and refine as much material as possible through sorting, processing, and efficient logistics.

We are used to thinking across borders delivering valuable assets and innovative solutions making our clients and customers stay in profit.

Financial Markets Application

We have been around long enough to have encountered all the changes in global trade. To try to overcome some of the daily difficulties we have established our Instant Trading Solution.

Conducting business with ETS means following a protocol to safeguard our mutual business’s and funds. With the business in order, payments are carried out in a precise and fast manner narrowing down the latency between payment and delivery.

ETS has a unique solution for all our business partners, clients, and users of our trade terminal enabling them to reduce the exposure to long FX risk trading with ETS, in foreign currency.

ETS Instant Trading Solution reduces all uncertainty of the process of payment versus delivery. The terms for payment can significantly be reduced in time giving all our users a precise moment of payment and FX conversion.