ETS and its subsidiaries have been creating profitable recycling solutions together with its customers for over 35 years. The goal is always to optimize our thinking and refine as much material as possible through sorting, processing, and efficient logistics.

We are used to thinking across borders delivering valuable assets and innovative solutions making our clients and customers stay in profit.

ETS Vehicle Application

We love our work! All good things eventually come to an end, but with ETS it is a new beginning! Our engineers are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in order to produce new assets out of old in a cost-effective system. If the condition of the vehicle is not tradable, our mission is to bring as much as possible back as tradable assets to the global market.

We contribute to the 95% target set by the EU to reduce the waste sent to landfills. Our unique approach to the issues at hand gives us the opportunity to maximize our goals to send as much as possible back to the market as tradable assets and in new forms.

We have the parts to keep your gear & machinery running. We offer end to end services, global export, and shipping to competitive prices. Don’t let downtime cost you money! Call us.

In the light of environmental aspects, a shift to hybrids and fully electric cars from fossil driven vehicles are imminent. ETS has already implemented a solution and system to handle the change and recycle back to the market as tradable assets and other spare parts.

We trade cars cross-border and we export cars internationally. Our logistical thinking is a guarantee for success in all aspects of our car trade.